Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good news for people who like bad news

"The whole of the english empire was built on cups of tea and if you think i am going to war without one you are sadly mistaken my friend".

Been busy, been self inflicted, been about.

Had a few castings, had a few big nights, mix those two together and what do you get?... a green tinge and dishing out apologies like an underrated meal. i threw up at a pretty important casting, blamed it on catching bulimia from other models and...got a call back tomorrow, as well as another casting for some jeans jazz. I have had more pressing issues at hand and neglected this "career".

on another hand I think i may have been so out of it i posed nude for possibly a gay magazine...you win some you lose some. i just happen to be losing more than I'm winning.

back to syd town in due time, talks of overseas travel towards the end of the year.

Dont be a stranger...and i'll stop looking at you from your front lawn (nice curtains, match the furniture)


  1. So this blog is pretty awsome, your sarcasm makes me giggle and please continue to blog your stories seem really interesting:)

  2. loving your stories! (: "blamed it on catching bulimia from other models" really got me laughing.

    rena. [[now following!]]

    come by sometime?