Friday, June 4, 2010

its business time

shooting in brisbane for marie claire was hell fun, flights food drinks accomodation all paid for. we laughed, we drank, we put tears in beers and there was some pretty incredible shots of some stunning gals'.
there was a bit of a room mix up where i had to stay on the 9th floor with the girl from denmark which is just...not on. i mean come on! having to share a room with a beautiful international model? not my idea of fun....(for all you blondes that is sarcasm, sarcasm meaning the opposite of what you said, like opposite day aka "your as pretty as the day i met you.....=you've let yourself go"

My next little project is shooting for Kiss Chasey (the band...not the game, fun game tho).

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  1. As a blonde I take offense to that rema--- ooooh shiny....