Saturday, May 29, 2010

"where the bloody hell are ya?"

off to queensland this morning shooting for Marie Claire's birthday issue as their numero uno man...theme-par-tay! working with a pretty sweet mother licking crew.

3days on the goldcoast then back to melb then back to syd then plans to go overseas.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i found narnia

i was filling in doing house painting and fell off the roof the other day and for...7(?)minutes i thought i was in narnia...i wasnt...i was in a flower bed making a dirt angel and i didnt have a cup of tea with mr tumness..i had mild anxiety and a tulip bulb in my spine

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i see a red door and i want it painted black

So i had to smeagle my way back to melbourne last week as i was on my last legs.

My brother picked me up asking what my plans were... i told him

"the cornerstone of the english empire was built on cups of tea, lets go to a cafe and figure something out"

and we did.

I had a few castings down here, one for a bridal thingy and they gave us a questionaire "address: currently couch surfing" previous bridal experience: "no..but my sister got married and i learnt...pase yourself.. just because its free doesn't mean you wont pay for it in the morning"

met a girl (had a cup of tea) and safe to say i can use the L word..i'm deeply in lust! she may or may not be a model but she sure as hell is out of my league. two weeks in melb, dig up some scratch on the old work sites, a brush in my hand and a boss on my back.

then back to sydney with a box of earl grey and a brand new plan.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

troubles got a new friend

well i think it was batmans dad that said "why do we fall son?"

young bruce "so we can pick ourselves up"

insert cheesy smile...and cut

so after having no money and no place to live, i did what any sane man would do... barely anything. I worked a night in a bar where (looking back it might have been a gay-bar) used the money to buy a ticket back to melbourne where i have a Lee/Wrangler casting tomoro and laboring on job sites for a two weeks.

then back to sydney, find a uni, pretend I'm a student and get cheap accomodation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

from Goudswaard

i'm in the latest issue of spook mag and... well i dont really care too much about that at the moment, i have more on my plate (not in the literal sense, i'm fucking starving)

here's the play-by-play;

Do a shoot... wait for pay (pay means food, a roof over your head, general well being and quality of life)

Do a shoot...wait for pay

wait for pay

no pay

no place to live (haven't made rent cant afford a new bond on a place either)

no food

no way of gettign abck to melbourne, looking as of tues to sleep on the streets of sydney with my Lowes enviromentally friendly bags full of all my possessions. so where does that leave me?

waiting for pay. homeless, hungry and broke... i'm surprised all the girls aren't queuing up

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if your hapy with nothing, you'll be so veryy happy with me

hmmm seems I am staring rock bottom in the face.
after getting by the last 5days with access to only $1.43 in my account seeing as i haven't been paid yet, i realised something... peanut butter and stale bread is not a staple diet.
I wont go into details but I fucked up, I'm getting kicked out of my apartment and from the looks of things, if something doesn't go my way I'll be busking on the corner and judging by my singing voice... dead within the week.

not one to get down on myself, my pay will eventually come through, its just going to be a rough ride but the way i see it... I only learn the hard way and I wont repeat my many....many mistakes.

on the upside, I'd be the perfect poster boy for the next world vision campaign.