Friday, May 7, 2010

from Goudswaard

i'm in the latest issue of spook mag and... well i dont really care too much about that at the moment, i have more on my plate (not in the literal sense, i'm fucking starving)

here's the play-by-play;

Do a shoot... wait for pay (pay means food, a roof over your head, general well being and quality of life)

Do a shoot...wait for pay

wait for pay

no pay

no place to live (haven't made rent cant afford a new bond on a place either)

no food

no way of gettign abck to melbourne, looking as of tues to sleep on the streets of sydney with my Lowes enviromentally friendly bags full of all my possessions. so where does that leave me?

waiting for pay. homeless, hungry and broke... i'm surprised all the girls aren't queuing up

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