Tuesday, May 11, 2010

troubles got a new friend

well i think it was batmans dad that said "why do we fall son?"

young bruce "so we can pick ourselves up"

insert cheesy smile...and cut

so after having no money and no place to live, i did what any sane man would do... barely anything. I worked a night in a bar where (looking back it might have been a gay-bar) used the money to buy a ticket back to melbourne where i have a Lee/Wrangler casting tomoro and laboring on job sites for a two weeks.

then back to sydney, find a uni, pretend I'm a student and get cheap accomodation.

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  1. chin up soldier! let me know if u wanna do a portrait art shoot for a colab project im working on with a few graffic designers when ur back in melbs. tiny budget but if ur bored and keen..