Sunday, May 16, 2010

i see a red door and i want it painted black

So i had to smeagle my way back to melbourne last week as i was on my last legs.

My brother picked me up asking what my plans were... i told him

"the cornerstone of the english empire was built on cups of tea, lets go to a cafe and figure something out"

and we did.

I had a few castings down here, one for a bridal thingy and they gave us a questionaire "address: currently couch surfing" previous bridal experience: "no..but my sister got married and i learnt...pase yourself.. just because its free doesn't mean you wont pay for it in the morning"

met a girl (had a cup of tea) and safe to say i can use the L word..i'm deeply in lust! she may or may not be a model but she sure as hell is out of my league. two weeks in melb, dig up some scratch on the old work sites, a brush in my hand and a boss on my back.

then back to sydney with a box of earl grey and a brand new plan.

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