Friday, April 2, 2010

got my mojo working but it..just dont work on you

moving career's, cities, away from friends and the girl i was crushing on to chase vanity and immortality in the photographic sense is a vain (dorian grey) thing to do. i know this but i figure we only live once and i'm well aware that looks and money fade but at the end of the day, when im an old man i want to be able to tell my friends and (god forbid) my children that i never let reality get in the way of a good time. i was told by my mum about 5weeks ago "do a building apprenticeship you'll never make anything of yourself modelling" to which i replied. "fucking watch me". i don't want this so much to spite the woman who provided nutritious breast milk so much as i want to be able to look back and never lose the cheeky fucker attiutde that all boys get into trouble with "You Can't" will always be replied with "FUCKING. WATCH. ME"

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