Tuesday, April 6, 2010

more news from no where

well this industry is a far cry from the physically challenging and more of a mental joust of who can stab who in the back, smile and see how far they drive in the knives before someone has the balls to retaliate. in my simple life of melbourne i had my boys and everything was said as it was seen "josh...your pissing on crown casino doors and a monopoly get out of jail free card wont get you out of trouble this time" but in.... (cringe) the "fashion industry" its fashionable for people to play the role of a bitch form the mean girls cast (i have older sisters... and its an interesting glimpse into the female psyche)

anywho all i know is i know nothing at all... but what i do know is its a dog eat dog world and i have bigger teeth than you.

so my "friend" stabbed me in the back. real friends stab each other in the front. i don't care, its fine, what ev's, i'm a huge fan of revenge, it isn't sinking to their level its standing up for yourself. i'm not just a dumb house painter, if you want an intellectual battle i'm not backing down cause your dumb enough to put your gossip ahead of your career.

they've been playing checkers. i've been playing chess. fucking watch me

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