Friday, April 16, 2010

remove foot from mouth

whoops, i had a casting for some jazz yesterday, sunglasses hut or something but the night before i was hell tired and didnt get much sleep because... well because im a man and i have needs, so to speak.
Anyway i went to this casting and there was this BABIN' casting director who looked as tired as me, i think she realised cause she asked "didn't get much sleep either?"
me in my sleep deprived state replied "yea.. I'm hell drunk" (5 seconds past and i realized i ment to say "exhausted" i was sober as a judge) luckily she laughed and explained she could relate, she'd just given up smoking and coffee... wow i had nothing in common with this lady. so she took a few photo's had a good laugh and we went our separate ways.
I'm not holding my breath for that job.
back to melbourne now for puff's 21st where i wont have to lie about being tired or drunk.

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