Saturday, April 17, 2010

i see a story in my head, and i pull it out

I chased a woman,

No man could tame,

Skin dark and golden,

Hair burned like flames

She started running,

Leapt right overseas,

I kept her in my sights,

She grabbed hold of me,

I started shooting,

The birth of our son,

Cocaine stole reason,

I bought a gun,

She stood there screaming,

No food for her boy!

Along with my blood,

My wife I destroyed,

I put down the needle,

And here’s what I saw,

My lovers body,

My son out the door

Time waits for no man

It drags down the street,

Second hand clothing,

Bare are my feet,

This isn’t living,

My dreams are all dead,

I broke all the boundaries,

Enough! The world said,

Hell’s where I’m headed,

It can’t be much worse,

I heard death's voice calling,

Thought my heart burst.

We started shooting,

Me and my son,

I shot the needle,

And he shot my gun.

I started falling,

pay for my deeds,

I thought about my life,

A life of bad seeds

(by josh g 18/4/2010)


  1. i dont do coke and i dont shoot woman but its easy to see how easily one could slip into that sort of cycle

  2. one could. this however could make really amazing lyrics to a song.